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Corporate Responsibility: The American Experience

CEBC’s landmark book tracks the emergence of corporate responsibility in the United States. The key focus – to whom and for what is the corporation responsible? Also available are working papers on selected topics. 

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Thursday, April 24 – Building Blocks in a Global Economy: Lego’s Strategy for Ethics, Risk and Sustainability
Just as “The Lego Movie” hits theaters, we have an opportunity to learn from Lego’s business experience and growing expertise in risk management. Join us to hear Rico Ferrarese, senior strategic risk manager of the LEGO Group (Denmark), share his thoughts on the intersection – and overlap – among ethics and compliance, sustainability, risk and business strategy in a hyper-competitive global economy.

Friday, May 09 – Building Ethical Business Cultures: The CEBC Model
Focusing employees on operating with high standards of ethics and responsibility confronts every organization. The best organizations lead not by a “thou shalt not” list, but through an affirmative vision, stories and deeds that bring to life an organizational culture that clarifies what we stand for, how we conduct ourselves and what we seek to accomplish. CEBC members, register today for this CEBC workshop that will shed light on strategies, tactics and potential best practices for keeping ethical values alive and vibrant in your organization.